Our Story – The Vineyard

The History of Marie Césaire Champagne.

Commencing in December 2015, the Marie Césaire champagne is the result of a long journey orchestrated by brother and sister Marie-Inés and Jaïro Romelle. Originally from the West Indies, Marie-Inés and Jaïro Romelle were so passionately interested in wines that they wanted to launch into the huge adventure of champagne making in homage to their parents, their mother Marie and their late father Césaire, so creating the Marie Césaire champagne.

Their brand champagne resulted from a willingness to use the values of courage, respect and tenaciousness that were instilled in them from a young age. Made from the grape vines that that are grown in the world famous Champagne village of Ecueil, not far from Reims, which is known for the quality of its grapes.

The Vineyards

Marie Césaire wines are made with passion while respecting the tradition of mixing different vintages and juice from the three champagne rootstocks, pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot meunier.

The overall quality is a result of the particular soils and geology, as well as our micro-climate, but above all the relentless work of the vine-growers.

The vineyard is situated in Ecueil, one of the best paces on the hills known as the Mountain of Reims. Our vine-growers have joyfully received from their forebears the knowledge of wine making.


The Local Geographical Conditions

The Champagne region, its climate and soils are the cornerstone of our region’s popular tourist appeal for which we are recognized and appreciated.

A part of France that is well-known for giving rise to a delicious product that is synonymous with luxury and pleasure.